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Fishing with Your Local Fishing Guide

Local Fishing Guide

This unpredictable Florida weather is constantly changing up the fishing experience at Mosquito Lagoon. In the absence of a tidal influence, weather is the game changer. And you must be prepared with technique to stay on top of your fishing game. Code Red Fishing Charters is a local fishing guide you can rely upon for the ultimate fishing experience.

Conditions and the Catch

This unusually warm December is creating nice conditions for catching redfish, black drum, sheepshead, snapper and whiting. Lower water levels are opening up opportunities to fish in deeper holes. The light winds are not creating much surface turbulence, maintaining good sight-fishing conditions. The clear water and sunshine are also contributing to the ideal conditions for sight-fishing. Bull whiting and bull redfish are plentiful. There also seems to be a pretty consistent black drum bite. Sheepshead are hanging near structures and on the sandy bottoms. Fish are active and the cast is constant at Mosquito Lagoon.

Local Fishing Guide

Your Local Fishing Guide’s Technique

Code Red Fishing Charters is taking advantage of optimum conditions for sight-fishing and utilizing some different techniques for the best outcomes. Redfish are swarming in schools, tailing on the bottom, and hanging near the edges. Code Red is sinking the hook near the edges and playing it back in with a couple turns on the reel every few seconds to get the target fish striking. Flipping and pitching the hook under docks is delivering measurable results with redfish, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, snook and black drum. Beef up the line for those larger adult bull reds. When you fish with Code Red, your local fishing guide takes you out on the water and shares all the secret fishing spots, gear and techniques for the ultimate fishing adventure.

Local Fishing Guide

Fishing Rigs

When you fish with Code Red Fishing Charters at Mosquito Lagoon, you have access to the best rigs. Your local fishing guide is baiting with shrimp on colorful jig heads and playing it on a 7ft heavy action rod, spooled with a 30 pound braided fishing line. You need a solid hook-set when using natural bait. Shrimp and crab make the best lures to entice bottom feeders and get them striking. Live finger mullet and pinfish also make for great baits. Bull redfish rely on their sense of smell, making cut bait or scented lures a good option. When fishing with artificial bait, try soaking lures, plugs and jigs in liquid fish attractants. If you are using lures, never let a spoon or spinner hang motionless beneath a float. The design of these casting lures is to cover as much area as possible. Cast out and let the lure sink to different depths over a large area of water. Vary the depth and the speed of your retrieval. Make it unpredictable with a vibration and flash that attracts your target fish.

Local Fishing Guide

Join Your Local Fishing Guide

Code Red Fishing Charters is your local fishing guide for New Smyrna Beach and Mosquito Lagoon. Climb aboard with Captain Matt Lee, and discover all the best fishing spots and techniques for a successful fishing experience. Code Red has all the technique and gear for your next adventure. Your local fishing guide is continually monitoring fishing conditions and beefing up the game. Call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530 to plan your next fishing excursion.