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Fishing Charters in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

We invite you to a unique and one of a kind experience with Code Red Fishing Charters in New Smyrna Beach. We have years of experience, boating skills and knowledge of the waters. Come have the time of your life with us! Our fishing charters in New Smyrna Beach are located just off the coast. All fishermen and families are welcome to enjoy our exclusive fishing charter experience!

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Code Red Fishing Charters

Join us in our love of fishing and the open waters. Code Red Fishing Charters has some of the best fishing locations in the area! We transport our guests to Mosquito Lagoon, where we catch some of the largest redfish and spotted seatrout ever!

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We create an unforgettable experience for friends and family. Catching your very first first fish is something you will never forget. Whether you are in it for the tranquility or the adventure, make your memories and experience this sport with us on our New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters in Mosquito Lagoon.

Fishing Charters

Our fishing charter experience includes the following:

  • Fish Cleaning

  • Filleting and Packaging the Caught Fish

  • Pole Setup (e.g., putting in the line, baiting your hook, etc.)

  • Licensing and Insurance

  • Bait is supplied

  • and More...

We target the following fish on our fishing charter excursions:

Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout, otherwise known as spotted sea trout, are found in shallow grassy flats from Maryland all the way down to Florida. The fish are best caught using large live or artificial bait, and respond well to top water baiting. The anglers use bobbers and free line bait.

Code Red Fishing Charters
Fishing Charters


Redfish are mainly bottom feeders, so when they are feeding in shallow waters, they are easy to find and catch. Early mornings are an ideal time to catch redfish, and one of the best places to find them is off the coast in Mosquito Lagoon, near New Smyrna Beach. They are delicious to eat, and many people like them cooked blackened.

We have Private Fishing Charters

As a private fishing charter, you can schedule your fishing trip any day or time that suits your needs. Our fishing charter is unique because we provide our guests with 24/7 availability. Whether you want to head out at the break of dawn or at sundown, we can meet your needs and agenda.

At Code Red Fishing Charters, you will receive an exclusive experience with a licensed and insured captain. While fishing can be relaxing fun and adventure, the moment can become very serious with a monster tugging at the end of your line. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun and safe time for all!

Whether you’re a local resident or in town on vacation, Code Red Fishing Charters welcomes all guests to our private fishing charters. With our wide hour availability, exclusive fishing spots, and long list of prize-sized fish under our belt, we ensure your experience will be like no other!

Call (386) 214-3530 to setup your private charter today! The fish are waiting!

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