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An Exciting Season for New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

This is an exciting season for New Smyrna Beach fishing charters. And we are sharing the secrets for the best rigs for catching spotted seatrout, flounder, snook, redfish, and black drum. There are a few secrets to hooking the catch, and Code Red Fishing Charters is telling all. Keep reading to get the insider tips from the pros on New Smyrna Beach fishing charters.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters Share the Secret for the Rigs

Every angler wants the secret to the best rigs for their target species. If you are wondering how to arrange the lines, hooks, sinkers, bobbers, beads, swivels and lures, we got you covered. Captain Matt Lee with Code Red Fishing Charters hails the Four Horsemen Popping Cork tackle for his inshore fishing success. This is by far one of the loudest and most durable corks available. Captain Matt is pairing this gem with an 18-inch leader for the best presentation of the bait. The baiting secrets are what really gets your target fish striking. Captain Matt Lee reveals he is tail-hooking live shrimp on a 1-inch Kahle hook on his charters. A Kahle hook can be used with live or chunk bait for hooking trout, redfish, drum, flounder, and other inshore fish species. Captain Matt Lee stands behind the fact that knowing where to cast the hook is key to a fisherman’s success. And he is casting along the mangroves.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Casting for Flounder

Flounder fishing allows for a variety of baits, but takes a few tricks to do it successfully. Flounder is a term used for numerous species of flatfish belonging to the families of Achiropsettidae, Pleuronectidae, Paralichthyidae, and Bothidae. Adult flounder thrive on the sandy seafloors and in estuaries. These predators remain near motionless while patiently awaiting prey for an unexpected ambush. Code Red Fishing Charters is drifting live baits along the bottom to catch flounder in action.

Catching Snook on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Snook are saltwater fish in the family of Centropomidae. You will find this fish species hanging around docks, sea walls, bridges and jetties. Since they prefer shallow waters, New Smyrna Beach fishing charters are finding action at Mosquito Lagoon. Captain Matt Lee is tail-hooking live shrimp on his charters.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Spotted Seatrout

Spotted seatrout are formally known as Cynoscion nebulosus. These bottom feeders thrive in estuarine environments. They get their name from the pattern of scattered spots on their back, but are actually in the drum family. When water temperatures reach about 70 degrees, spawning season has begun. You will find them spawning in bays over seagrass beds between dusk and dawn. Mosquito Lagoon creates the perfect environment for this species to locate food and find shelter, making this estuary the best place to cast your hook.

Catching Black Drum

This member of the croaker family is related to the Atlantic croaker, red drum and the spotted seatrout. Black drum is a highly adaptable species that creates adventure in different waters and seasons. They thrive in shallow and warm waters that just barely covers their spine. They utilize barbels to find food with a sense of feel and smell. Captain Matt Lee recommends live bait for this species.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Catching Redfish on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Redfish or red drum are formally known as Sciaenops ocellatus, but commonly called channel bass, bull red or rat reds. Redfish do not require high water salinity levels; therefore, they thrive in marshes, small lakes, and the redfish honeypot, Mosquito Lagoon. There are a few tricks to casting and hooking a redfish. Sink the hook near the edges and shoot under docks. If you are fishing on a clean bottom, cast out and allow your weight to hit the bottom. Play it back in with a couple turns on the reel every few seconds to work it like the bait fish. Wait for the strike and set the hook. A popping cork rig simulates live bait and produces more action.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Plan Your New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Plan your New Smyrna Beach fishing charters with Code Red. You will have full access to and full use of all the bait and gear for the ultimate fishing adventure. Bring your angler crew to the fishing trip that is already planned and ready to launch. The rigs, gear, license and everything you need to experience the perfect catch are included. Climb aboard with Captain Matt Lee and hook your trophy catch. It’s an all-inclusive inshore fishing adventure! Call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530.