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Black Drum on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Black Drum on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

What’s happening with black drum on New Smyrna Beach fishing charters? We have all the answers and the adventure! During warmer seasons, schools of black drum can be found everywhere in Mosquito Lagoon, and some of them are massive rod-bending monsters. Whether you are casting for your trophy catch or want to fillet a tasty dish, let’s talk black drum.

The Black Drum Species

This member of the croaker family is related to the Atlantic croaker, red drum and the spotted seatrout. They make audible croaking or drumming sounds that earn them nicknames like "croaker" and "drum," and also give away their location when schools pass boats in the water. Smaller black drum that are less than a pound are called "butterfly drum." When they exceed the 30 pound threshold, they earn the name “bull drum." You will find massive black drum in the bay, gulf, channels and Mosquito Lagoon, where they gather just before spawning. Annual runs during February and March make headlines with 40 and 50 pound drum. Everyone is trying to break a 111 pound record, which is looking possible this season.

Black drum is a highly adaptable species that creates adventure in different waters and seasons. Black drum can be found in clearer waters and flats. They thrive in shallow water that just barely covers their spine, but have been known to venture out into deeper waters of more than 100 feet deep. They flourish in the warm shallow flats of Mosquito Lagoon, and tolerate colder and deeper waters. They migrate towards freshwater runoff of creeks and rivers, but thrive in waters with twice the salinity.

Black Drum

Feeding Behavior

Young drum feed on smaller fish, shrimp and crabs. Larger black drum strike larger bait and eat small fish, crabs and mollusks. They utilize barbels to find food with a sense of feel and smell. They are known to root out buried mollusks in a head down position, which is referred to as “tailing.” They dig out small craters or drum noodles in a search for food. These bottom feeders lack canine teeth, but have well developed pharyngeal teeth in their throat to crush crabs and mollusks. When food is abundant, black drum remain in a ten mile radius, but have been known to travel more than 200 miles in a year. Mosquito Lagoon makes the perfect habitat for spawning and feeding, which makes them a popular catch on New Smyrna Beach fishing charters.

Black Drum

Rigs and Technique on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

This anytime fishing experience opens a door for anytime leisure for anyone. It does not require extraordinary skill or expensive tackle. Code Red Fishing Charters has the boat, gear and skill to deliver the entire experience. Black drum will rarely strike artificial bait, since feeding relies on their sense of smell and feel. Cut fish and shrimp works best. Smelly bait on the bottom is a sure way to catch a black drum. If you’re fishing smaller drum, light tackle is appropriate. A larger catch requires heavier tackle. Bottom rigs with a sinker, a single hook and appropriate line and leader strength do the trick. Your black drum fishing experience can be accomplished with a seven-foot spinning rod with a 3000-size reel that is spooled with a ten to forty pound test braid.

Fishing black drum does require a little technique to approach and set the hook. Clear water makes it challenging to approach schools, since they get spooked easily. Drifting a boat in the shallow muddy areas where schools of black drum are kicking up the mud to feed can be the best place of approach. You can easily sightfish black drum like redfish on shallow flats. Let the bait drag the bottom or suspend it a couple of feet from the bottom. Black drum mouth the bait before swallowing. It takes a little delay and perfect timing for the fish to move off the bait just enough before you jerk the rod up to set it properly. They will not make any long racing runs, but they have a powerful fight. Expect a short, but intense battle on the line. They have been known to snap lines in the process of getting them to the boat.

Black Drum on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Preparing Black Drum

It should be noted that while a bull drum is the trophy, the scales are large. This can make cleaning them a little bit of a challenge. Smaller black drum are preferred for eating. They have moderate flavor and are not oily. If you are met with challenges of the larger black drum, you can use an electric knife to fillet along the backbone. Then, you can remove the scales and skin. Larger fish have a texture similar to chicken. Younger black drum are almost indistinguishable from the flavor of red drum. Season and cook just the way you like it.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

New Smyrna Beach fishing charters are nothing but action with continuous casting and catching. Code Red Fishing Charters is one of the few New Smyrna Beach fishing charters with a limited government issued license to fish Mosquito Lagoon and take you to all the secret fishing spots. All the best locations are revealed on a charter with Code Red Fishing Charters. Casting in the right spot is only half of what you need for a successful experience. Code Red has all the technique and gear to take care of the rest. Captain Matt Lee plans unique fishing trips for the species, season and other environmental factors. Since tidal influence has very little affect on Mosquito Lagoon, the entire fishing experience is planned according to water temperature, spawning patterns and fishing trends. Knowing your target fish and feeding behaviors is essential to selecting the right bait and gear. Code Red Fishing Charters is one of the most trusted New Smyrna Beach fishing charters. When you fish with Matt Lee, you bring skill, technique and experience to the water. Start planning your fishing adventure with Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530!