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Bull Redfish Fishing Charters at New Smyrna Beach

Fall is here, and so is the season to catch those bull reds! Mature redfish move in for spawning during the Fall season, making it the best time to catch a bull red. It's this mating ritual that brings in the large schools of those record breaking bull redfish.  The bull redfish sweet spot is at Mosquito Lagoon, where you can catch some of the world's largest redfish. If you want to catch a scale tipping trophy bull red, then you've come to the right place! Code Red Fishing Charters has the fishing sweet spot, bait, and technique for your next fishing adventure.

Redfish Capital of the World

We take you out on Mosquito Lagoon, the “Redfish Capital of the World,” aboard our 18ft skiff to catch some of the biggest bull redfish out there. Mosquito Lagoon is a bar-built type estuary that spans the Indian River from New Smyrna Beach / Bethune Beach to Titusville, and overlaps  Canaveral National Seashore and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  Fishing in the Lagoon is the place to catch a trophy sized bull redfish.  

Mosquito Lagoon is one of the few places where redfish live their entire lives, dwelling their entire lifespans within a six mile radius of their birthplace.  That makes it the location to catch redfish all year long.  During the Fall, Mosquito Lagoon is home to some of the world's largest bull redfish.  Florida's redfish state record is 52 pounds and 5 ounces! Bull redfish can exceed 80 pounds at maturity, but that's not the only reason we call these monstrous redfish "bulls." 

Catching bull redfish with Code Red Fishing Charters

Mature redfish lose their spots, and armor themselves with scales for battle. Their demeanor becomes like a bull, and they use their mass to their advantage.  These aggressive and hard fighting reds put up a ferocious fight at the end of a line.  It's a heart-pounding Adrenalin rush!  They have been known to rip line off reels. Bull reds are aggressive trophy sized fish that put the spirit into the sport, but with our skilled captain aboard, you'll have the skill to meet the challenge.  It takes strength and technique to master their game, but Code Red Fishing Charters has the skills for you to do it like a pro angler and conquer those massive bull redfish.

Code Red Fishing Charters has the technique and equipment to maneuver these parts. Climb aboard one of our skiffs for a fishing adventure on Mosquito Lagoon!  Come visit us in New Smyrna Beach, and catch your trophy fish!


There are two basic types of redfish.  There's redfish, and there's bull redfish.  Some important and noticeable differences are their size, and the selection of bait.  Redfish primarily feed on crabs during the first few years of life, and then they transition to a more varied diet of fish and shrimp.  We like to use shrimp to lure these bottom feeders in for the catch. Live shrimp is probably the best bate of choice, especially when you find the bull reds actively tailing for food. Get in casting range, and snag a bull red!  Be careful not to spook the school.   Guarantee a bite with fresh bunker or blue crab on the bottom. 

Rods and Lines

Spool a 6,000 plus-class spinning reel with a 50 plus pound braid on a 7-foot heavy-action rod.  Use a 60 to 80 pound fluorocarbon with a 5/0 to 7/0 circle hook.   You'll be prepared for any bull redfish encounter.


  • Never jerk the bait too hard or you'll spook the school.

  • Anchor upwind from where you spot the bull reds feeding.  This will give you the advantage to cast from a greater distance.

  • Bull redfish prefer deeper water, 18” to 3’, and are found in large schools in many areas in the Mosquito Lagoon.


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