• Captain Matt

December Fishing Report for Mosquito Lagoon

This December is providing an exciting winter fishing experience. Cooler temperatures, sunny skies and clear water are creating the perfect fishing conditions at Mosquito Lagoon. Code Red Fishing Charters is experiencing a lot of action with redfish, black drum, sheepshead and snapper. We are changing up our fishing game with different techniques and all the right spots for nothing but action on our fishing charters.

Weather Overview at Mosquito Lagoon

Winter is moving in with temperatures in the 60’s by day, and 40’s and 50’s by night. The light winds are drifting in from the northwest over this next week and cooling things down. While the cooler water can sometimes make fish a little less active, this is not affecting our fishing game at Mosquito Lagoon right now. The conditions at the lagoon are allowing us to change up our technique for measurable results. We are slowing down the presentation and dragging the bait along the bottom with delayed popping intervals to give fish that might be moving a little slower in the cold water an opportunity to seize the bait. We are getting a lot of action, and as we move through the next couple weeks, we expect to see an increase in the bite.

Water Levels and Wind Conditions

The water levels and wind conditions are the major influences at Mosquito Lagoon, in the absence of a tidal influence. We are observing an advantage with lower water levels and some increased opportunity in some deeper holes this winter season. We are maneuvering the skinny waters with a shallow draft skiff in some shallow spots and discovering a lot of action along the waters edge. The clear water and sunshine create the perfect opportunity for sight-fishing. The light winds are not creating much turbulence on the surface, maintaining good sight-fishing conditions.

What's Biting at Mosquito Lagoon?

Code Red Fishing Charters is taking advantage of optimum conditions and sight-fishing for redfish. The redfish are swarming in schools and tailing on the lagoon floor during bottom feeding. The cooler water is sending some fish species into deeper spots. After sigh-fishing redfish in the shallow and clear water, we are finding redfish, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, snook and black drum in deeper holes and under docks and other structures. While we are seeing a lot of activity with smaller fish species, we are still reeling in those much larger adult bull reds in some slightly deeper areas, and expect the action to continue through the winter months.

Fishing Rigs

When you fish with Code Red Fishing Charters at Mosquito Lagoon, you always have access to the best rigs for the fish species and season. Code Red Fishing Charters is baiting with shrimp on colorful jig heads and playing it on a 7ft heavy action rod, spooled with a 30lbs braided line.

Fishing Charters at Mosquito Lagoon

Code Red Fishing Charters is closely monitoring conditions and changing up techniques to provide the ultimate fishing excursions. This season is creating the perfect sight-fishing opportunities and some exciting fishing experiences in deeper holes and under docks. We are experiencing a lot of action with redfish, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, snook, black drum, and those mature bull redfish. Mosquito Lagoon is one of our favorite places to explore, and an exciting spot for our private fishing charters.

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