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Fishing Charters in Cooler Water

Winter is on the way with cooler temperatures and opportunity for fishing redfish in Mosquito Lagoon. While you can fish for redfish at Mosquito Lagoon all year long, knowing the fish behaviors and the right baiting technique for the winter season will ensure an exciting fishing experience that is full of action. Code Red Fishing Charters has the skill and technique to create an exciting winter fishing adventure.

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charters

Fish in Mosquito Lagoon are less affected by weather changes; however, as we head into winter, Code Red Fishing Charters is fishing a little deeper and changing technique. Tailing redfish stretch from the southern tip of New Smyrna Beach to Merritt Island. More than 20 miles of flats provide calm water at just the right temperature for fishing charters all year long. Without tidal influence, you can find action in Mosquito Lagoon anytime. The clearer winter waters create the perfect conditions to sight fish tailing reds. However, as the winter approaches, we are fishing a little differently.

Our Fishing Charters Have the Technique

Our fishing charters have all the technique to level up your fishing experience. Position your boat up current from where you will be fishing. Cast your bait and allow it to drift. Redfish gather in large schools in deeper water when the temperatures are lower. Warm water can bring redfish near the surface; however, colder water will send them to greater depths. When fishing deeper areas of grassy flats, drift with the wind. When you locate the redfish, quietly motor back and drift again.

Fish are less active in colder water. For better outcomes in the winter, slow down your presentation and be less aggressive. Tactics that work better in the warmer summer waters will not be as effective in the colder waters of the winter. A more subtle presentation and smaller bait will work best during the cooler season. Code Red Fishing Charters reveals all the secret techniques on every fishing experience.

Baiting Technique

Understanding how redfish feed will produce better baiting experiences and fishing outcomes. Redfish are sensitive to vibration, sound and scent. These bottom feeders sift the substrate with their nose down in the mud to drive out live crabs and shrimp. The crushers in the back of their throats enable them to the crush hard-shelled food sources. Bottom fishing with live shrimp will provide optimum outcomes.

Code Red Fishing Charters positions the hook through the tail of the live shrimp with the face up. You can do this by running the hook through the top of the second joint, and turn it back up through the underside of the shrimp. This will allow the shrimp to swim with its nose down in a backwards movement, as it does naturally. Shrimp might move forward slowly, but when they move quickly, they kick backwards in a rapid motion.

Shrimp on Jigs

Hook the shrimp with a jig head through the second tail joint. The jig head weights the shrimp to keep it upright while sitting on the bottom. Cast the jig forward and allow it to settle toward the bottom. Then work it back slowly towards the boat to create authentic movements in the water. The more natural it appears in the water, the better. If you notice that some smaller fish are missing the hook, hesitate just a little longer before setting the hook.

Code Red Fishing Charters

Code Red Fishing Charters heads to Mosquito Lagoon on exciting fishing excursions that you will not want to miss. The winter is on its way to cool down the waters, but do not let that affect your fishing experience. The temperatures and conditions are perfect all year long at Mosquito Lagoon for fishing redfish. We are fishing deeper waters and getting prepared to pull in some much larger bull redfish. If you are ready to begin your exciting fishing adventure, book your fishing charter with captain Matt Lee.

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