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Fishing Christmas Gifts

Fishing Christmas Gifts

Top 10 fishing Christmas gifts are right here. Make your list, and start checking it twice, because Santa Clause is coming with fishing gear this year.

Number 10 on the List of Fishing Christmas Gifts is a Dry Bag

Fishing naturally involves a lot of water, and hopefully involves a lot of action on the line that puts both hands on the rod and reel with an exhilarating struggle. Number ten on the list of fishing Christmas gifts is a dry bag. Valuables can be sealed up and stay dry in the wettest and messiest of fishing trips.

Number 9 is a Waterproof Phone Case

We cannot go anywhere without our cellphones, not even the next room or our fishing trips. Cellphones have become a vital part of our everyday lives. Even though technology works towards keeping them water-resistant, guarding them from water damage is an ongoing effort when fishing. A waterproof phone case makes the list of fishing Christmas gifts this year.

Fishing Line Makes Number 8 on the List of Fishing Christmas Gifts

We can never go wrong with fishing line. Whether or not it made their fishing Christmas gifts list, we are sure they will need it. If they are fishing redfish, a 20 to 30 pound braided monofilament is just what they need. If they are fishing bull reds, surprise them with a spool of a 40 to 50 pound braid.

Number 7 is a Tackle Box

Get your fishing buddy organized this season and get a tackle box. Tackle boxes always make thoughtful fishing Christmas gifts.

A Fish Scaler Ranks Number 6

When you are thinking about ideas for useful fishing Christmas gifts, consider a fish scaler. Fish scalers make removing scales and prepping fish for cooking easier and faster. They are almost essential to fishing, if you want to take your catch to the kitchen. Fish scalers come in a variety of sizes, and can be as simple as a knife-sized gadget or as sophisticated as an electric device.

Consider scrapers, peelers, or an electric drill scaler. Scrapers resemble a gardening tool, and are usually stainless steel, but can also be found in plastic. Peelers are similar to a vegetable peeler with serrated edges to peel scales. Electric knives make a good fishing Christmas gift, especially for larger fish or when there are large quantities of fish to scale. They are shaped similar to a knife, but are powered by electricity, making scaling fish a cinch. If they descale big fish or have big fishing projects, an electric drill fish scaler is probably on their fishing Christmas gift list. They attach to a drill for fast and simple descaling.

A Fish Finder Ranks Number 5

Fish finders have become a popular tool for fishing. This technology uses sonar to locate and track fish beneath the surface. There are an assortment of different fish finders, set apart from each other by depth capabilities, screen type and features. Fish finders make perfect fishing Christmas gifts.

Number 4 on the List of Fishing Christmas Gifts is Rods

Fishing rods make almost every fishing Christmas Gifts list. Some of the best rods for inshore or nearshore fishing are: Fishing Omen Green, Quantum Smoke Inshore, Star Rods Sequence, Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore, Daiwa Back Bay, and Okuma Fishing Tackle Shadow Stalker.

Number 3 Fishing Christmas Gifts is Lures

You can never go wrong with lures. A true angler can never have enough. The best fishing lures for redfish are assorted poppin corks, bomber long-a-lure, berkley gulp alive shrimp, heddon super spook, DOA shrimp, TTF red killer, yozuri 3D popper, strike king redfish magic spinner, mirrolure suspended twitch bait, rapala x-rap, TTF hackberry hustler, and yozuri 3D shrimp.

Number 2 on the List is Fishing Apparel

It is no wonder that fishing apparel is on every fishing Christmas gifts list. Protection from the sun is probably one of the most challenging tasks of fishing, and one of the most important. Protect against sunburns, skin cancer, and premature aging with long sleeve performance shirts.

Number 1 on the List of Fishing Christmas Gifts is a Fishing Charter

A fishing charter makes the top of the best fishing Christmas gifts this season. If you are looking for the ultimate fishing charter adventure to gift to that special someone, climb aboard an 18 ft shallow draft skiff with your angler crew and Captain Matt Lee at Code Red Fishing Charters. Launch from New Smyrna Beach and fish Mosquito Lagoon. Target redfish on an exciting fishing excursion. Learn technique, casting, proper catch and release, and celebrate your holidays with Code Red Fishing Charters.

Code Red Fishing Charters

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