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Fishing in Cold Weather

Fishing in Cold Weather

Winter is here and so are some dipping low temperatures that might be slightly discouraging. Do not pack up those rods yet. Fishing in cold weather can be just as rewarding as the warmer seasons. Winter creates different fishing behaviors and patterns, such as grouping up. This can mean more fish on the hook. Winter fishing can require some preparation and technique. These tips should help you achieve a successful outcome when fishing in cold weather.

Location is Important

Regardless of the season or temperature, where you drop your line will determine the outcome of your fishing experience. While many anglers hang on to that secret fishing spot, we are not going to do that here. Mosquito Lagoon is the best place for fishing all year long. The fish group together in the shallow water. This means more fish on the hook.

Timing for Fishing in Cold Weather

Fishing in cold weather is a little different, and requires attention to timing. Cold water affects the activity levels of the fish, making them move slower. This requires that you slow down your presentation to avoid spooking them. Fish feed just prior to a cold front. The best fishing results will be achieved just before the cold front. The best time to fish is between 9 am and 3 pm.

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Your Fishing Gear

Cold weather can affect more than the fish. Tune up your reels so the cold temperatures do not freeze and stiffen the bearings. You can thicken oil and grease to avoid a frozen reel in the middle of your fishing excursion. Extreme cold can freeze the water around the line and interfere with the movement of the line through the eyelet. You can use a line conditioner to prevent the line from tangling. Fishing gear also includes your fishing apparel. Choose waterproof boots with insulation, gloves and a proper head covering. Consider waterproofing your jacket with waterproofing spray.

Bait for Fishing in Cold Weather

Fishing in cold weather calls for different baiting techniques. Your target fish and their prey naturally move slower in cold water. Using live bait will create better outcomes than using lures with quicker movements that could spook your fish. Live bait will be more enticing. If you are using lures, consider using ones that have a feather or hair. Remember that cold temperatures reduce the metabolism of the fish; therefore, they will not be striking at larger lures. Stick to a two to three inch lure. You might consider attractants on lures to encourage feeding. Keep in mind that live bait will always perform better.

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Tips for Fishing in Cold Weather

Fishing alone in cold water is never safe. Take a fishing buddy along or consider fishing with an experienced fishing captain at Code Red Fishing Charters. Code Red Fishing Charters covers the best fishing spots on Mosquito Lagoon and provides all of the gear and technique for the ultimate fishing adventure. Bring your angler crew and climb aboard to experience a fishing excursion like no other. Call or text Captain Matt Lee at 386-214-3530 to plan your next fishing trip!