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Fishing Lures for Redfish

When we think of fishing, we think about hooking a worm or cutting bait fish. However, we choose a specific lure for a specific fish species and for a specific purpose. Knowing which lure to use does not require an entire fishing manual. If you are fishing for redfish, just read this!

A fishing lure mimics the movement, color and vibration of the bait fish. They are crafted with one or more hooks to snag a fish upon striking. Sometimes a lure is used to attract the attention of a fish before it is speared and caught by hand. However, most lures are designed with the intent to hook a fish. They are attached to fishing lines with various knots, and have unique hooks for their intended species. Fishing lures have one purpose, to entice a fish to strike.

Fishing Lure History

The very first lures ever made were crafted from bronze and bones. Spoons are believed to have originated in Scandinavia in the late 1700's. Metal spoons and spinners were produced in the United States for market in the latter half of the 19th century, and were produced by names like Julio T. Buel, Riley Haskell, W. D. Chapman and Enterprise Manufacturing Company.

How a Fishing Lure Works

Lures must be attached to the line or they have no use in the angler world. Attaching a lure to line is done by various types of knots or connected by snaps. The fishing line is connected to the reel. The reel is connected to the rod. And now it is all about the skill and technique of the angler to create the movement of the lure. Fish will only strike the lure, if it realistically imitates the bait fish.

Types of Fishing Lures

Now you have a little background and understanding of the basic concept of a fishing lure, but which fishing lures do you use? Here are some different types of lures to consider:

  • Jig: This type of lure usually resembles a minnow or crawfish. The hook is weighted with lead on the head at the opposite end of the tip. Saltwater jigs used for offshore fishing in deep water have a large metallic weight to resemble the bait fish.

  • Surface Lures: If you have heard of poppers and stickbaits, you know about the surface lure. They float on the surface and behave like prey on the top of the water. These surface lures can be designed to make popping and buzzing sounds for a more realistic effect.

  • Spoon Lures: Just as the name implies, it looks like a spoon. It is wide and round at one end and tapers to a narrow pointed end.

  • LED Lures: A built-in LED light strobes a combination of colors, attracting the target fish.

  • Plugs: You might know this lure as a crankbait or minnow. The bib at the front makes these lures move through the water in irregular and realistic patterns, as they are pulled through water.

  • Soft Plastic Bait: Lures can be made of plastic or rubber to resemble crab, squid, fish, worms, frogs and other bait.

  • Spinner Bait: Bent pieces of wire are bent with a hook at the bottom and a spinner at the top.

  • Swim Bait: This type of bait is usually a soft plastic material that resembles bait fish. The tail is usually designed to appear like a swimming fish when pulled through the water.

The Best Fishing Lures for Redfish

The best fishing lures for redfish are assorted poppin corks, bomber long-a-lure, berkley gulp alive shrimp, heddon super spook, DOA shrimp, TTF red killer, yozuri 3D popper, strike king redfish magic spinner, mirrolure suspended twitch bait, rapala x-rap, TTF hackberry hustler, and yozuri 3D shrimp.

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