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Fishing with Kids at Code Red Fishing Charters

Fishing is kid-friendly fun for all ages! I feel the hesitation when parents are talking about planning fishing trips with kids. Rest assured, our future anglers can take part in the fishing fun without the stress. Fishing with kids is a perfect bonding moment. There is nothing better than learning how to cast from good ole mom or dad. Don’t worry if fishing isn’t your forte. Leave it to Code Red Fishing Charters to make you look like a pro. We make the modifications and considerations to pull your kid fishing trip off without a hitch.

These are the years of development when those lasting memories are formed. The fishing experience can be modified to suit almost any age. By the age of six, kids are old enough to become little anglers. Fishing in shallow water is a great place to start with kids. They can start out by trolling a small fly or lure behind the boat while they hold a rod. They have usually refined their muscles and dexterity to cast on their own by the age of six. Now all you need to do is find a fishing spot, get geared up, and fish!

The Perfect Place to Fish

The best fishing experience is inshore fishing in the skinny waters of Mosquito Lagoon, where large schools of redfish flock for feeding and spawning. Code Red Fishing Charters has the perfect skiff for shallow water fishing with kids in the Lagoon.

When you fish with Code Red Fishing Charters, you get a private inshore fishing charter customized and kid-friendly. Our fishing charters take you out on our 18 ft shallow draft skiff on Mosquito Lagoon. We take all of the hesitation out of kid fishing trips. We have all of your gear and make all of the modifications to create the perfect kid-friendly fishing trip for you and your family.

Redfish thrive in the aquatic vegetation of Mosquito Lagoon. The submerged vegetation is the feeding ground for redfish and seatrout. Within just a few miles of the shoreline, you’ll embark on an unforgettable family fishing adventure. You will fish like a pro angler right along side your little ones.

The Perfect Catch!

We target redfish on our fishing excursions. You may have heard of them referred to as channel bass, red drum, red bass, spot-tail, or reds. Captain Matt Lee provides instructions for casting and catching these bottom-feeders. His instruction includes everything from casting to mimic the bait fish to observing the wildlife that marks the perfect fishing spot. The Captain lends his technique to parents with the modifications to make the experience a bonding one. It is truly an unforgettable bonding moment.


Leave the Mickey Mouse and Snoopy poles at home. A real fishing experience requires a real fishing pole. We have the rods, lines and lures for your kid-friendly experience. At Code Red Fishing Charters, we make all of the modifications for a child’s fishing adventure

Book a Charter with kids!

Climb aboard a skiff with Code Red Fishing Charters for your next fishing trip with kids! We have your fishing lures, supplies and everything you need to experience the perfect catch!

Call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530!


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