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Redfish Fishing Charters in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Code Red Fishing Charters is known for its redfish fishing charters. Our team offers excellent services and redfish fishing charter excursions. Come with us and set your hands on some of the greatest red back fish in the waters! Let our love and passion for fishing take you to some of the area's most awesome fishing spots. When you are on the hunt for the best redfish that New Smyrna Beach, Florida has to offer, choose Code Red Fishing Charters for your boating experience.

We have years of expertise that matters.  Let our channel bass fishing experts show you how to catch redfish right. Red drum fishing is perfect for those looking for an exciting yet relaxing adventure on the open waters.  Experience the ultimate in redfish fishing charters with us!

Fishing Tips

Knowing how to spot redfish, how to bait for them, and the right equipment to use is crucial to the success of your fishing experience. Historically, redfish have been referred to as puppy drum, spot-tail bass or bull red. These fish are found in schools around shallow waters. Males make themselves very apparent with a distinct croaking noise when caught. Redfish like to feed with their mouths on the bottom, while their tails are pointed up. If they are eating in shallow waters, you can often see their tails swishing above or near the water line. When you are looking to catch a redfish, it is important to have a rig supplied with proper fishing poles, hooks, sinkers and bobbers for bottom fishing. These fish are commonly caught on a medium rod that averages 15-lbs.

Timing is an important factor when it comes to fishing. If you want to go offshore fishing to catch redfish, it is best to schedule your fishing excursion in early morning hours. Unlike many other fish, these beautiful creatures can be caught year round!

If you are living in New Smyrna Beach or a neighboring city, speak with us today and learn more about our incredible fishing charters. Our experts will help you catch your next red bass fish on our spot tail fishing boat!

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