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Florida Fishing Charters

Florida Fishing Charters

Florida is naturally one of the best places to fish, and Code Red Fishing Charters is fishing along the coast of New Smyrna Beach and in Mosquito Lagoon all year long. Inshore fishing is done year-round through all the seasonal climate changes. Our fishing charters target speckled trout, redfish, and those trophy sized bull reds. Whether light tackle, fly fishing, inshore, fishing the flats, or backcountry, the best fishing charters are right here on the East Coast of Florida. Code Red Fishing Charters delivers the ultimate fishing adventure.

Fish Species on Our Fishing Charters

We fish right off New Smyrna Beach in our favorite redfish honeypot, Mosquito Lagoon. Redfish and speckled trout thrive in Mosquito Lagoon, and are the top targets on our excursions. Speckled trout or spotted sea trout are found in the shallow grassy flats from Maryland all the way down to Florida. Code Red Fishing Charters is targeting redfish, snapper, speckled trout, striped bass, snook, tarpon and other fish of similar size. Bull redfish are enormous rod bowing beasts that are known for their temperament and putting up a fight at the end of a line. Be prepared to cast more, and have more action on our inshore fishing charters.

Identifying Redfish

Redfish or red drum are easy to identify by their bronze color, white belly, and that unique single spot on each side of the caudal peduncle, just before the tail. The average redfish is about 12 pounds, but keep your grip on that rod, because we are snagging heavyweight bull reds on our fishing charters.

Identifying Spotted Seatrout

Spotted seatrout have prominent canine teeth and a large mouth with a protruding lower jaw that extends below the back part of the eye. They have an elongated soft dorsal fin that is separated by a deep notch from the spinous dorsal fin. Spotted seatrout have distinct markings in the form of scattered spots. Identifying fish species on our fishing charters is made easy with Captain Matt Lee on board.

Inshore Fishing Charters

When we think about fishing, we think about beaches, rocky shorelines, piers, jetties, flats, and mangroves. Inshore fishing is the fishing experience that comes to our imagination first. It usually occurs in water less than 30 meters deep, and within just a few miles from the shore. Inshore fishing charters involve a skiff with a shallow draft to maneuver skinny waters.

What’s Included at Code Red Fishing Charters

When fishing with Code Red Fishing Charters, you have full access to and full use of all the bait and gear. Planning with our fishing charters means all you need to do is show up with your angler crew to the fishing trip that is already planned and ready to launch. Every detail is included, such as fishing lures, supplies, license and everything you need to experience the perfect catch. Captain Matt Lee mans the boat and takes you out on Mosquito Lagoon for an unparalleled fishing excursion.

Our fishing charters accommodate your unique experience 24/7, even on those midnight excursions. Plan your next fishing trip with Code Red Fishing Charters, and have the ultimate fishing experience! Call Captain Matt Lee to book your fishing charter at (386) 214-3530!