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New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters are Not Created Equally

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

The coast of Florida is known for beaches, boating and New Smyrna Beach fishing charters. Just between the borders of Daytona Beach and Canaveral National Seashore is one of the best fishing spots in all of Florida. New Smyrna adjoins Mosquito Lagoon, the acclaimed redfish and spotted seatrout habitat, and one of the most sought after fishing locations. Not just any fishing guide can access the lagoon. Let this be your guide to New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters.

Things to Consider

When searching for a fishing charter, there are a few things you should consider before booking your fishing trip. Location is one of the most important aspects of any fishing trip. Ultimately, you will not have a successful fishing experience, if you are not casting your hook where the fish are biting. Think about the type of fishing experience you want to have, which involves how frequently you want to cast, the fish species you want to target and the desired size of the catch. The best New Smyrna Beach fishing charters will be able to plan and create your desired fishing experience.

Fishing Charters at Mosquito Lagoon

The Importance of Location

Since location is one of the most important aspects of any fishing trip, let’s talk about Mosquito Lagoon. If you have not heard of this estuary, this information is invaluable to understanding its importance as a wildlife refuge and a fishing location. The Mosquito Lagoon is located in the northern end of the Indian River Lagoon system and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. It is biologically diverse, and consists of mangrove wetlands and salt marshes. This is a unique transitional environment between land and ocean, where fresh water mixes with the ocean, creating salinity levels that are comparable to the ocean at about 32 to 34 ppt. This allows for spawning of multiple fish species that would normally spawn in the ocean. The shallow waters are lined with seagrass that is essential to the ecology of the estuary, especially for the fish species thriving there. Since Mosquito Lagoon is home to rich food sources for redfish and seatrout, it is naturally one of the best places to cast your hook for these species.

Authentic New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Not all New Smyrna Beach fishing charters are created equally, and not every fishing guide can access the lagoon. Since Mosquito Lagoon is located within a wildlife refuge and is part of the National Seashore, New Smyrna Beach fishing charters are required to hold a valid permit that is issued by the U.S. government. The special permit allows qualified charters to access the lagoon. A permit to fish Mosquito Lagoon is limited; therefore, it can be challenging to find a qualified fishing guide. Mosquito Lagoon is one of the most desired fishing spots in Florida, since it is a sweet spot for catching redfish and massive bull reds. Some charters might advertise the location to reel you in, but unfortunately, cannot deliver the desired adventure. The best New Smyrna Beach fishing charters will be licensed to fish at Mosquito Lagoon. Code Red Fishing Charters is a superior fishing guide with permits and special permission to fish Mosquito Lagoon.

Target Species on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Now that you know where, let’s talk about the fish species to create your desired fishing experience. Over 600 different fish species inhabit the Indian River Lagoon System, and Mosquito Lagoon is a contributor to that diversity. Redfish, spotted seatrout and tarpon are the primary fish species that are targeted within the lagoon. In fact, Mosquito Lagoon was coined with the title, “Redfish Capital of the World.” Redfish thrive inshore their entire lives, creating an opportunistic environment for catching mature redfish, which are commonly referred to as bull redfish.

The Best New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters for Catching Bull Redfish

The Fishing Experience

The fishing experience usually involves records, and the competition with oneself to catch a larger fish than before or breaking the record set by another. Bull redfish are much larger and heavier adult redfish that are known for creating exciting fishing experiences. They fight harder and can be challenging to reel in. However, finding bull reds at Mosquito Lagoon is not part of the challenge. Fall and winter might be the best seasons to find them in an abundance, since that is spawning season, but they are found all year round in the lagoon. The best New Smyrna Beach fishing charters will have your goals in mind when creating your fishing experience.


Redfish or red rum, more formally referenced as Sciaenops ocellatus, are channel bass. Their unique identifying marks are a single spot on each side of the caudal peduncle, just before the tail. It is important to note that younger redfish might have numerous spots, instead of the single spot, which can make identification a slight challenge with younger fish. The average weight of redfish is about 12 pounds. The average weight of a bull redfish is about 25 pounds. You should consider that bull redfish are more aggressive, and talk to New Smyrna Beach fishing charters about your skill level and your important records you want to break.

Spotted Seatrout

Spotted seatrout or speckled trout are formally referenced as Cynoscion nebulosus. This species, like redfish, also thrive in Mosquito Lagoon. While the name implies trout, it is not actually in the trout family. Instead, it is in the drum family or formally classified as Sciaenidae. The most prominent identifying features are the canine teeth, large mouth with a protruding lower jaw that extends below the back part of the eye, sloping forehead, high divided dorsal fin, yellow pelvic fin, black lateral line that extends to the tail, and the elongated soft dorsal fin that is separated by a deep notch from the spinous dorsal fin. It commonly has two anal spines. The spotted seatrout naturally has scattered spots, as the name suggests. The shape and coloration are similar to a brown trout.

Code Red Fishing Charters

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters and Rigs for Redfish

It is important to utilize the optimum fishing rigs for a specific target fish of a certain size. The best outcomes will be experienced with specific fishing gear, live bait or lures and the right size and shape of hooks for the level of fishing you want to achieve. Since New Smyrna Beach fishing charters are known for the location, all you have to do is find the right charter with the experience and gear to deliver.

The key to a successful fishing trip is baiting, and it hinges on knowledge of diet and feeding behaviors. Redfish favor a diet of finger mullet, shrimp or crab. Shrimp and crab make the best lures to entice bottom feeders and get them striking. Redfish rely on their sense of smell, making cut bait or scented lures a good option. When fishing with artificial bait, try soaking lures, plugs and jigs in liquid fish attractants as an alternative to live bait.

A circle hook almost always sets in the corner of the mouth and avoids deep hooking, providing better outcomes for catch catch and release. When fishing with live bait, sink blue crabs nearshore and rig them on a 3/0 to 7/0 circle hook on a 30 to 40 pound fluorocarbon leader. If you are thinking about bulls, beef up your game with a 6,000 plus class spinning reel that’s spooled with a 50 plus pound braid on a 7-foot heavy-action rod. Experienced New Smyrna Beach fishing charters have the gear, bait and technique for successful outcomes.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Experienced New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Experience and reputation are important considerations when searching for a fishing guide to create your unique fishing adventure. Code Red Fishing Charters is one of the most trusted New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters. When it comes to a charter, reputation is key. Captain Matt Lee is a seasoned captain with years of experience fishing Mosquito Lagoon. With Code Red Fishing Charters, your boat, gear, bait, license and everything required for the ultimate fishing adventure are included. You will be fishing with an experienced captain with the skills and technique to help you achieve your fishing goals. Fishing charters launch along the coast of New Smyrna Beach and in Mosquito Lagoon, where redfish, seatrout and massive bull redfish are top targets. If you are searching for New Smyrna Beach fishing charters, climb aboard with Captain Matt Lee and break records. Call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530 to plan your next fishing trip.