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New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters this Summer

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

New Smyrna Beach fishing charters are nothing but action with continuous casting and catching at some of the best fishing locations this summer. If you are ready for an inshore fishing adventure, keep reading. Code Red Fishing Charters is revealing secret fishing spots and the best technique for the ultimate experience.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

New Smyrna Beach fishing charters with a special license to fish Mosquito Lagoon can get you there, but only Code Red Fishing Charters can take you to all the secret fishing spots. Not all fishing charters are planned equally. Planning a fishing charter begins with a strategy that Code Red Fishing Charters does a little differently. It is no big secret that Mosquito Lagoon is a sweet spot for trout and redfish all year long. These active bottom feeders can be found on the grassy bottom along the edges and under docks. All the best locations are revealed on a charter with Code Red Fishing Charters. Casting in the right spot is only half of what you need for a successful fishing experience. Code Red has all the technique and gear to take care of the rest.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Target Species on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Successful fishing trips begin with a plan and Code Red Fishing Charters. Captain Matt Lee plans fishing trips unique for the species, season and other environmental factors. Since tidal influence has very little affect on Mosquito Lagoon, the entire fishing experience is planned according to water temperature, spawning patterns and fishing trends. Knowing your target fish and feeding behaviors is essential to selecting the right bait and gear. Redfish, spotted seatrout and tarpon are the primary fish species targeted on these New Smyrna Beach fishing charters.

Tips and Technique

There are a few tricks to casting and hooking. Sinking the hook near the edges and shooting under docks requires a little technique. Pull the lure or bait back towards you along the rod about half the distance between the rod tip and the reel. Flip the bail open. While your dominant hand grips the rod, grasp the lure behind the hook with the opposite hand and pull it towards you. Allow the rod to bend down. Aim and release to let the line shoot off the spool. If you are fishing on a clean bottom, cast out and allow your weight to hit the bottom. Play it back in with a couple turns on the reel every few seconds to work it as you pull it in with a movement that mimics the bait fish. Wait for the strike and set the hook by tugging upwards and pulling it in. Warmer waters are bringing trout to the surface. Floating a lure or bait on the surface can get them striking. A popping cork rig simulates live bait and produces more action. Vary the frequency of popping and the depth of the bait for better outcomes.

Spoons and Spinners

Never let a spoon or spinner hang motionless beneath a float. The design of these casting lures is to cover as much area as possible. Cast out and let the lure sink to different depths over a large area of water. Vary the depth and the speed of your retrieval. Make it unpredictable with a vibration and flash that attracts your target fish.

Baiting on New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

The best New Smyrna Beach fishing charters utilize live bait. You can get desired results baiting with live finger mullet and crabs on a standard bottom fishing rig. Use live shrimp on a jig head or under a float. Free-line live shrimp or mud minnows in shallow water. Think about the natural behavior of your bait and how your target fish will perceive it.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Experienced New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

Code Red Fishing Charters is one of the most trusted fishing charters. Captain Matt Lee is a seasoned captain with years of experience. When you fish with Matt Lee, you bring skill, technique and experience to the water. If you are searching for New Smyrna Beach fishing charters, call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530 and plan an adventure.