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New Smyrna Fishing Charters

With Spring just around the corner and water temperatures on the rise in Mosquito Lagoon, New Smyrna fishing charters are seeing an increase in the numbers of redfish, speckled trout and snook. Code Red Fishing Charters is fishing Mosquito Lagoon all year long, but the change of season is creating an exciting fishing adventure for everyone. As the water heats up, New Smyrna Fishing Charters are preparing for an exciting season.

Fishing at Mosquito Lagoon

This is the best time of year to fish some of the largest redfish and seatrout at Mosquito Lagoon. The cold water forced large schools of redfish and speckled trout into Mosquito Lagoon, and the warmer water will keep them there. While the waters might still be a little cool, keeping the fish slightly lethargic and easily spooked, this is a good time to sightfish. The temperature is rising, and New Smyrna fishing charters are seeing a lot of action. If you are searching for New Smyrna fishing charters, look no further than Code Red Fishing Charters.

Trusted New Smyrna Fishing Charters

Code Red Fishing Charters is one of the most trusted New Smyrna Fishing Charters. When it comes to a charter, reputation is important, and with Code Red Fishing Charters, reputation is everything. An 18 ft shallow draft skiff is manned by Captain Matt Lee, a seasoned captain with years of experience and trophies to prove it.

Every fishing charter requires an experienced captain with skill and technique to provide you with the ultimate fishing adventure. Captain Matt Lee grew up in these parts, fishing the lagoon, and winning tournaments, such as New Smyrna Beach Cuda Tournament, Fishstock, Ild Tournament, Hooked for a Cure, and Indian River Backwater Tournament to name a few. If you are searching for New Smyrna fishing charters, climb aboard our skiff at Code Red Fishing Charters and meet captain Matt Lee!

Kid-Friendly Charters

If you are searching for kid-friendly New Smyrna fishing charters, look no further! We have fun for everyone with fishing charters for all ages. Our future anglers are all welcome aboard with Captain Matt Lee. This is where the adventure begins!

What to Expect with New Smyrna Fishing Charters

When you are searching for New Smyrna fishing charters, make sure you know what’s included and what to expect. With Code Red Fishing Charters, your boat, gear, bait, license and everything is included. You will be fishing with an experienced captain and have the skill and everything you need for the perfect catch! Expect our New Smyrna fishing charters to take you out on Mosquito Lagoon for an exciting fishing excursion like no other.

Our New Smyrna fishing charters launch along the coast of New Smyrna Beach and in Mosquito Lagoon, where we have been fishing speckled trout, redfish, and trophy-sized bull reds for years. Whether light tackle, fly fishing, inshore, fishing the flats, or backcountry, come experience a fishing excursion with Code Red Fishing Charters.

Code Red Fishing Charters

If you are searching for New Smyrna fishing charters, come our way and climb aboard. Our fishing charters accommodate your unique experience 24/7, even on those midnight excursions. New Smyrna fishing charters are just a phone call away! Come on down to Code Red Fishing Charters, where your adventure awaits! Call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530!