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October Fishing Report for Mosquito Lagoon

This is the season for redfish, and our focus is on those massive bull reds that are providing constant action in Mosquito Lagoon right now. You might snag a ferocious jack crevalle trailing behind the mullet run at Ponce Inlet and the New Smyrna Beach area, but the redfish capital of the world, Mosquito Lagoon, is providing quite the October fishing experience. What’s happening at Mosquito Lagoon?

Weather Overview at Mosquito Lagoon

As we carefully navigate around some scattered showers of the season, the fall temperatures at Mosquito Lagoon are holding in the low 80’s. The wind is shifting from the North East to South East and slowing down. As we move through the next couple weeks, we expect to see an increase in the bite during optimal weather windows. By Sunday, October 18, 2020, expect 81 degrees and sunshine for the perfect sight-fishing conditions. Looking back at the weekend behind us, we had great weather, low winds and good fishing runs with some bull redfish that tipped the scales. We anticipate an increase in the bite and successful fishing runs, as we navigate through October.

Fish Species on the Radar

The mullet run is underway, bringing in schools of migrating snook, redfish, jack and kingfish. A variety of gamefish are being caught in large numbers. Snook and tarpon are an easy catch with a free-lined mullet. However, it is the abundance of bull redfish that have our attention this month. These aggressive bulls are a reminder that the fall season has arrived. Spawning season is here at Mosquito Lagoon, creating some of the best opportunities to catch a heavyweight bull redfish. This ferocious species is dominating the fishing experience in the Lagoon right now.

Fishing Rigs at Mosquito Lagoon

Fishing rigs make all the difference, and Code Red Fishing Charters is prepared to deliver your fishing experience with rigs designed for your target fish. Hook sizes and styles vary, depending on the target fish and the situation. We stay prepared for any sports fish, especially a bull redfish. The perfect rig to catch a bull redfish is a 2oz weight, a 5/0 circle hook, a 7ft heavy action rod, and a 30lbs braided line. We are baiting with mullet, blue crabs, pin fish and croakers to entice an aggressive bite. Swim baits, diving plugs or jigs can create a successful bait run. The ultimate fishing experience is with Code Red Fishing Charters, where the best rigs for catching bull redfish are supplied.

Water Levels and Other Conditions

Mosquito Lagoon lacks measurable tides. Water levels rely more on wind than lunar influence. The South winds can slightly increase water levels, but we are still observing lower levels, as we move towards the winter season. A shallow-draft skiff is ideal and almost necessary to fish the skinny waters of Mosquito Lagoon. Code Red Fishing Charters has the advantage with an 18ft shallow-draft skiff and a trolling motor to carefully maneuver the waters.

Code Red Fishing Charters at Mosquito Lagoon

Code Red Fishing Charters is keeping an eye on the calendar and fishing conditions for the ultimate fishing excursions. Mosquito Lagoon is one of our favorite places to explore on our private fishing charters. If you want to learn the secrets to catching bull redfish, climb aboard Code Red Fishing Charters for a fishing adventure unlike any other.


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