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Searching for Fishing Charters Near Me?

Fishing Charters Near Me

It’s spawning season for bull redfish, and everyone is putting in that search bar, "fishing charters near me." Our unique fishing charters are along the coast of New Smyrna Beach and in Mosquito Lagoon, where we target speckled trout, redfish, and those trophy sized bull reds. Code Red Fishing Charters can provide you with the ultimate fishing adventure. Whether light tackle, fly fishing, inshore, fishing the flats, or backcountry, come experience a fishing excursion with Code Red Fishing Charters.

New Smyrna Beach Charters

Come our way and climb aboard an 18 ft shallow draft skiff with your angler crew and Captain Matt Lee. It’s no secret why we fish right off New Smyrna Beach and in our favorite redfish honeypot, Mosquito Lagoon. The fish we target and the waters we explore are what sets our fishing charters apart from the rest. We target redfish, also known as channel bass, red drum, red bass, spot-tail, or reds on our excursions.

Code Red Fishing Charters

Mosquito Lagoon is where we fish and where records are to be made! Florida's redfish state record is 52 pounds and 5 ounces! These monstrous bulls can exceed 80 pounds at maturity. Those scale tipping bull redfish are moving into the lagoon for spawning season, and we are moving in for the catch. Fish with a pro-angler and learn the secrets of fishing the skinny waters of Mosquito Lagoon at Code Red Fishing Charters.

Fishing at Mosquito Lagoon

Searching Kid-Friendly Fishing Charters Near Me?

If you searched "kid-friendly fishing charters near me," look no further! We have fishing charters packed full of fun for all ages! Our future anglers are all welcome here. Captain Matt Lee guarantees a kid-friendly fishing experience that’s fun for all. Your search for kid-friendly fishing charters near me ends at Code Red Fishing Charters, where the adventure begins!

Boat and Amenities

Your boat will determine where you fish and the outcomes of your fishing excursion. Skinny waters require a shallow draft boat. Code Red Fishing Charters has the advantage with an 18 ft shallow draft skiff. Our fishing charters offer a smaller and more intimate fishing experience, and provide all the bait, gear, and skill for you to fish like a pro angler while on board with our experienced captain.

When choosing a fishing charter, it's important to know in advance what's included. When fishing with Code Red Fishing Charters, you will have full access to and full use of our bait and gear. We have your fishing lures, supplies and everything you need to experience the perfect catch!

Catch and Release

The goal of Code Red Fishing Charters is to maintain an enjoyable and exciting fishing experience while being conscientious of ecology. Practicing catch and release technique benefits fish and anglers alike. If you searched for "fishing charters near me that practice catch and release technique," you have found the right fishing charter. We practice and teach proper catch and release technique.

Catch and Release

Doing it right is critical to outcomes. Handling fish during catch and release can injure the fish, if not done properly. It is also important to be aware of how we remove hooks, and to avoid touching the gills. Avoiding trauma to the fish is the primary objective. Fishing with certain types of lures can avoid deep hooking, and produce better outcomes.

Releasing the fish is a critical hurdle. It is important to allow the fish to calm and fully recover before returning them to the water. Technique to acclimate the fish back to the water and make sure the fish is ventilating properly before release is important. No need to search further. Code Red Fishing Charters believes that if we all work together to preserve the fish species with proper catch and release technique, we can continue to enjoy fishing for generations to come.

Meet the Captain

Every fishing charter requires an experienced captain with skill and technique to provide you with the ultimate fishing experience. Captain Matt Lee grew up in these parts, fishing the lagoon, and winning tournaments, such as New Smyrna Beach Cuda Tournament, Fishstock, Ild Tournament, Hooked for a Cure, and Indian River Backwater Tournament to name a few. If you searched "fishing charters near me," and are in the New Smyrna Beach area looking for adventure, climb aboard our skiff at Code Red Fishing Charters and meet captain Matt Lee!

Our fishing charters accommodate your unique experience 24/7, even on those midnight excursions. Fishing charters are just a phone call away! Call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530!