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Keeping a Favorite Fishing Spot Secret?

A lot of fisherman find their favorite honey hole, and keep their fishing turf a guarded secret. While there are pros and cons found somewhere between the ethics and code about sharing or secreting fishing spots, Code Red Fishing Charters loves to share their fishing spot. Where you are fishing and who you are fishing with are what makes the fishing experience. We don’t just share our fishing spot, we take you fishing with us!

Is a Fishing Spot Really a Secret?

Once we hook that monstrous catch and take that trophy picture, we cannot resist the itch to hit the button and send it out to the world on social media with the object to get as many shares as possible. This obviously makes maintaining a top-secret fishing spot near impossible. The angler community shares the rules they follow to keep a fishing spot covert.

Modern technology places a geotag on photographs that pin it to a map with precision. Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, also use geotagging, making it difficult to keep our secret fishing spot much of a secret at all. Serious anglers go to great lengths to disable geo-location tagging on their cellphone devices and social media settings to guarantee sharing without giving away the big secret. The most competitive anglers are out to keep records, and keep the honey hole that their scale tipping catch was hooked from absolutely clandestine.

Some spread the stingiest of tips in an effort to set the secret fishing spot etiquette in stone. They go as far as to suggest strategies that keep passing fisherman uninterested in the spot, like not setting the hook when a boat passes, and tipping the rod downward so it doesn’t bow when a fish is hooked. One of the most outlandish pieces of advice is to ask nearby fisherman to move away from your fishing spot. While there is some etiquette about keeping space when fishing, how does it affect the sport when there is poor sportsmanship?

While some think their fishing spot is a secret, the places they are fishing have been fished for generations before, and will continue to be fished for generations to come. That’s right. Those same grassy flats you fished last weekend are not much of a secret at all. With the populations on the rise, finding a secret fishing spot is not an easy feat. Florida is one of those lucky fishing states, surrounded by water, and home to the redfish capital of the world, Mosquito Lagoon. The coastline is an absolute angler magnet.

Thoughts on the Impact of a Secret Fishing Spot

Angler, Donovan Borne, submitted a letter for publishing in the October/November issue of The Complete Fly Fisherman magazine with his thoughts on the idea of secreting spots versus sharing them among flyfisherman. If not for ecological reason, he considered secreting a fishing spot “nonsensical nonsense.” He further expressed his opinion that the most detrimental affect of secreting fishing spots on the sport of fishing is that it is “ . . . off-putting to anglers who are new to the game.” This couldn’t be more true. Code Red Fishing Charters is all about supporting those new to the game, teaching technique, and even sharing our favorite fishing spot.

We have no reservations when it comes to sharing our location. Location is one of the most important factors when fishing, because it determines your catch. Our secret fishing spot is no secret to the locals of New Smyrna Beach. We fish along the coast of New Smyrna Beach in Mosquito Lagoon from our 18 ft skiff. We target speckled trout, redfish, and those trophy sized bull reds. If you want to fish the flats and back-country out on the Lagoon, Code Red Fishing Charters can take you on a fishing adventure at our favorite fishing spot. Bringing people together to experience the thrill of fishing is what we do at Code Red Fishing Charters.

Mosquito Lagoon is a bar-type estuary on the northern side of the Indian River Lagoon system (IRL). It is one of the least developed regions along the east coast of Florida. With salinity levels at about 32-34 parts per thousand, it is host to fish species commonly found in the ocean. Redfish, tarpon and snook are our top targets in the Lagoon.

Redfish are shallow water bottom feeders that thrive in backwater flats, salt marsh creeks and rivers. If you have the technique, casting at our fishing spot almost always guarantees a catch. And if you are in it for the competition, our Captain Matt Lee will provide you with all the tools and technique to meet the challenge of hooking a monstrous bull redfish. If you came this far, my guess is that you are in it for the challenge.

Code Red Fishing charters

Coming together to fish with us is more than just a fishing experience. It is an opportunity to learn about the redfish species and Mosquito Lagoon, so that fishing becomes better for everyone. Code Red Fishing Charters isn’t the typical fishing charter. We create an experience that raises awareness of catch and release technique, and conservation of Mosquito Lagoon. We share our most loved fishing spot so you will too.


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