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Spring Fishing Charters at Mosquito Lagoon

Fishing Charters

Spring has arrived with some sunny days and warmer weather, and Code Red Fishing Charters has all the news and predictions for spring fishing charters at Mosquito Lagoon. What is happening at Mosquito Lagoon this spring?

What We Catch on Spring Fishing Charters

We fish right off New Smyrna Beach in our favorite redfish honeypot, Mosquito Lagoon. Now is the time to sight-fish redfish and speckled trout. The water temperatures are on the rise and large schools are becoming more active. It is also predicted that we will find some massive bull redfish on our spring fishing charters. Be prepared to cast more, to have more action on the line and to fight some enormous rod-bowing bull reds.


Redfish are among our top targeted species. These bottom feeders are found in large schools with their tails up while sifting for food. It is easy to catch a tailing redfish on spring fishing charters at Mosquito Lagoon. Redfish are easy to identify by their bronze color, white belly and that unique single spot on each side of the caudal peduncle, just before the tail. The average redfish is about 12 pounds, but always keep a grip on that rod.

Fishing Charters

We anticipate snagging some heavyweight bull reds on our spring fishing charters. Bull redfish are mature redfish. They lose their spots and armor themselves with scales for battle. These heavyweights can exceed 80 pounds at maturity. While the best time to catch bull redfish is during the fall season, bull redfish can be found in Mosquito Lagoon all year long.

Spotted Seatrout

Spotted seatrout are also among our top targeted species. They can be identified by their prominent canine teeth and large mouth with a protruding lower jaw that extends below the back part of the eye. They have an elongated soft dorsal fin that is separated by a deep notch from the spinous dorsal fin. Spotted seatrout have distinct markings in the form of scattered spots. Identifying fish species on our spring fishing charters is easy with Captain Matt Lee.

Fishing Charters

What’s Included with Spring Fishing Charters

When fishing with Code Red Fishing Charters, you have full access to and full use of all the bait and gear. Planning your spring fishing charters with us means all you need to do is show up with your angler crew to the fishing trip that is ready to launch. All your fishing lures, supplies, license and everything you need to experience the perfect catch are all included. Captain Matt Lee mans an 18 ft shallow draft skiff and takes you out on Mosquito Lagoon for an unparalleled fishing adventure. Our spring fishing charters accommodate your unique experience 24/7, even on those midnight excursions. Plan your next fishing trip with Code Red Fishing Charters, and have the ultimate fishing experience! Call Captain Matt Lee to book your spring fishing charter at (386) 214-3530!