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Thinking about a Fishing Charter?

Location is an important factor when choosing a fishing charter, but it isn't just about proximity to where you are staying. Although, it is nice to fish close to home or hotel, it is more important to select a location based on the type of fishing on your agenda. Our unique fishing charters are along the coast of New Smyrna Beach and in Mosquito Lagoon, where we target speckled trout, redfish, and those trophy sized bull reds. Whether light tackle, fly fishing, inshore, fishing the flats, or backcountry, Code Red Fishing Charters can provide you with the ultimate fishing excursion. The type of fish you want to catch, location, boat, amenities, and the captain on board all play a very important role in choosing your next fishing charter.

Code Red Fishing Charters


We fish right off New Smyrna Beach and in our favorite redfish honeypot, Mosquito Lagoon. It's no longer a secret why anglers choose fishing in the Lagoon or why it's one of our preferred fishing spots. The fish we target and the waters we explore are part of what makes our service so unique.

Redfish and speckled trout are the top targets on our excursions. Speckled Trout or spotted sea trout are found in the shallow grassy flats from Maryland all the way down to Florida. These fish respond to large live or artificial bait and top water baiting. Redfish are bottom feeders. Early morning fishing excursions are the best time to hook a red.

Code Red Fishing Charters

Places to Stay

We are surrounded by hotels to accommodate you and your crew, just in case one of our exciting fishing hot spots isn't in your backyard. We recommend the Mosquito Lagoon Fish Camp for the ultimate experience. Other recommended hotels are the Hampton Inn New Smyrna Beach, The Riverview Hotel, and Spring Hill Suites by Marriott New Smyrna Beach

Fishing Charter Boat

Your boat will determine where you fish and the outcomes of your fishing excursion. Skinny waters like those found in Mosquito Lagoon can present some challenges to a lot of anglers. A shallow draft boat can be advantageous in these parts. Code Red Fishing Charters definitely has the advantage with an 18 ft shallow draft skiff for your angler crew. Our fishing charters offer a smaller and more intimate fishing experience, that provides all the bait, gear, and skill for you to fish like a pro angler while on board with our experienced captain.

Fishing Charter Amenities

When choosing a fishing charter, it's important to know what's included. When fishing with Code Red Fishing Charters, you will have full access to and full use of our bait and gear. We have your fishing lures, supplies and everything you need to experience the perfect catch! Plus, you will get your very own Code Red Fishing Charters t-shirt in your size, ready to wear on your fishing excursion.

If you're ready to take your fishing experience to the next level, we have the fishing charter to dominate the waters and get you that trophy catch. Our fishing charters accommodate your unique experience 24/7, even on those midnight excursions.

What's included

  • License

  • Live bait

  • You keep your catch

  • Cleaning and filleting

  • Drinks, rods, reels and tackle

  • Life jackets

  • Fishfinder

  • Live bait well

Captain Matt Lee

Meet the Captain

Every fishing charter must have an experienced captain with skill and technique to provide you with the ultimate fishing experience. Captain Matt Lee grew up fishing the lagoon, and has won numerous tournaments through the years, such as New Smyrna Beach Cuda Tournament, Fishstock, Hooked for a Cure, and Indian River Backwater Tournament. Those years of experience provided the captain with the skill and technique to give you a fishing adventure like no other.

If you are in the New Smyrna Beach area and thinking about a fishing charter, climb aboard our skiff at Code Red Fishing Charters and meet captain Matt Lee! Want to learn more about fishing? Call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530!