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Trout Action on Our Fishing Charters

Trout Fishing Charters

Trout season is upon us! This means it is time to change up the bait and fishing technique. The warmer water is creating some exciting top water action for a different kind of fishing experience. Code Red Fishing Charters is here to tell you what you need to know about spotted seatrout this season.

Get to Know the Species

Spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) are an estuarine fish species that thrive in Mosquito Lagoon. They are pretty easy to identify, as they live up to their name with a pattern of scattered spots. You will also notice they have prominent canine teeth, a large mouth with a protruding lower jaw that extends below the back part of the eye and a sloping forehead. The shape and coloration is similar to a brown trout; however, do not let the name fool you. They are actually in the drum family. Just like all members of the drum family, including redfish, mature males make a drumming sound to allure females during the spawning season. It is important to know about feeding behaviors to change up the bait and technique.

Spotted Seatrout

Changing Up Our Fishing Charters

Trout are changing up our fishing charters. These carnivores have different feeding habits that vary based upon the size of the catch. Smaller fish are feeding on small crustaceans, while medium-sized trout are chasing smaller fish and shrimp. We have our eyes on a larger catch. Our fishing charters are targeting larger trout with pigfish and croakers. It requires a little technique to hook a large trout, since they feed less frequently. It takes a special recipe of bait, tackle and the right location. Code Red Fishing Charters has the secret formula for action.

Trout Fishing Charters

Adult spotted seatrout weigh about two to three pounds, which makes any medium action rod and reel acceptable. Use a popping cork rig to simulate the action of live bait. For the best outcomes, vary the depth of the bait and frequency of popping. If you find yourself in the pull of a tidal flow, use a weight in place of a sinker for a free shrimping rig. This allows the bait to drift in the water. Warmer waters bring trout to the surface. If you really want to get some action with larger trout this season, get them striking by floating lures or bait on the surface.

Fish Where the Fishing is Good

The best place to catch trout is with Code Red Fishing Charters on Mosquito Lagoon. This favorite fishing spot is located in the northern end of the Indian River Lagoon system and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. It is biologically diverse, and consists of mangrove wetlands and salt marshes. Seatrout thrive in the aquatic vegetation of Mosquito Lagoon. You need to cast where the fish are located, and that place is Mosquito Lagoon. We are seeing some exciting top water action in the Lagoon right now. It is trout season and the bite is on!

Trout Fishing Charters

Why Fish with Code Red Fishing Charters?

Mosquito Lagoon is a wildlife refuge at the National Seashore, where fishing charters are required to hold a special permit that is issued by the U.S. government. Permits are limited and charters must be qualified to obtain them. It can be challenging to find a qualified fishing guide. Some charters advertise the Lagoon as a hook, but cannot deliver the experience. Code Red Fishing Charters is an experienced fishing guide with permits and special permission to fish Mosquito Lagoon.

Trout Fishing Charters

Plan Your Adventure

Plan your adventure where the planning is done for you. When you fish with Code Red Fishing Charters, you have full access to and full use of all the bait and gear. Bring your angler crew to the fishing trip that is already planned and ready to launch. All the fishing lures, supplies, license and everything you need to experience the perfect catch are included. Climb aboard with Captain Matt Lee and catch some spotted seatrout. It’s an all-inclusive inshore fishing adventure! Call Captain Matt Lee at (386) 214-3530.