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Winter Fishing Adventure at Mosquito Lagoon

What’s different about winter fishing? That all depends on where you are fishing and the fish species you are targeting. At Code Red Fishing Charters, we are doing our winter fishing at Mosquito Lagoon. Winter offers a rewarding fishing experience. Fish group together in shallow water that warms quickly with the sun. Mosquito Lagoon provides a fish paradise for schools of redfish and our fishing adventure.

Winter Fishing for Redfish

Redfish are shallow water fish for the most part. You'll find them in estuaries along the eastern seaboard and the gulf coast. They can be found in backwater flats, salt marsh creeks, rivers, and oyster bars. These bottom feeders have a natural diet of live shrimp, minnows, mullet and menhaden. When winter fishing for redfish, sight fishing is one of the best techniques to use.

Winter Fishing Technique

Spotting a redfish is the first step to a successful winter fishing experience. You will find redfish with their nose down sifting the bottom in search of prey while their tail is up at a 45 degree angle in the direction of the surface. This is called a “tailing redfish.” Spotting a tailing redfish is easy when winter fishing in the shallow water of Mosquito Lagoon. With their head down and tail up, they are all about feeding. You might think this is the best time to cast. Hold your bait and be patient. A tailing redfish has a narrow range of vision, and is more interested in their task than snagging your bait.

Sight Fishing

Sight fishing offers a little more excitement than a blind cast or soaking live bait, because you can be certain you are casting in the direction of your target fish. While other methods can be just as much fun, they leave it to luck. Winter fishing at Mosquito Lagoon offers an exciting opportunity to sight fish. If you really want to up your winter fishing game, practice your cast.

Casting Technique

When you are winter fishing at Mosquito Lagoon, everything comes down to your casting technique. Presentation is everything. You must cast in front of your target fish and mimic the bait. Choose a landing point to cast your bait that provides enough distance to avoid spooking the school. The bait should be presented in front of the redfish to provide their binocular vision a clear view.

Code Red Fishing Charters

Regardless of the fish you are pursuing during your winter fishing experience, you must know the species and their habits. Knowing the preferred habitat and feeding habits is vital to the outcome of your fishing experience. You need to know when and where to cast, and the right type and size of bait to use. The best place to learn the right technique is at Code Red Fishing Charters.

Climb aboard a skiff and join Code Red Fishing Charters on an all-inclusive inshore fishing adventure in the shallow waters of Mosquito Lagoon!

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